The Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP) – Reformed Political Party - is a Dutch political party that bases its policies on Biblical principles. The SGP aims to shape society in such a way that this reflects God’s intentions with mankind. We are firmly convinced that God’s commandments are good and that obeying them has a salutary effect on all people. This is the foundation on which the SGP formulates clear and positive political principles.

The SGP is the oldest political party in the Netherlands. Yet we have a clearheaded position on present day issues, with an eye on the future. We have a faithful grassroots movement which from 1925 on has always delivered two or three seats in the 150 seat strong Dutch Parliament, our Second Chamber. The SGP has a membership of about 27,000.

Political views

We are clear on our political vision: Biblical, consistent and honest. We attach a high value to marriage and the family and are firm on our liberties in the educational field, in care institutions for those with special needs, and on our invaluable Christian heritage.

The SGP operates within the Dutch democratic framework for the realization of its Bible-based policies. This means among other things that the SGP calls for Gospel values to be taken as a guiding principle in politics and administration. It is our firm conviction that this will make society more amenable and that it will do justice to all.

The SGP has positive views on the government. The state administers society in the interest of the people. This conviction hails from the belief that the government has its authority from God. It is He who wields the supreme authority. Parliamentary democracy is a suitable constitution to promote this view on the administration of the country and the people.

To err is human. This holds for Reformed politics too. We need much wisdom and good sense to be a witness for God and His precepts. The knowledge that the outcome of our labour is in the hand of God gives us patience and courage. It stimulates the SGP to make an appeal to people on the basis of Biblical principles. To the honour and glory of God and the genuine wellbeing of society.

Facts about the SGP

Founded in 1918
Represented in the Second Chamber of Parliament since 1922, presently with 3 seats out of 150
Represented in the First Chamber since 1952, presently with 1 seat out of 75
Represented in the European Parliament, presently with 1 seat out of 754

The SGP is in favour of politics based on Biblical values. It wishes to defend Christian culture and tradition in the Netherlands. It aims for a country where life is protected, the family feels supported and people look after each other; a country where Sunday is the day of rest, where people feel secure and the government ensures people’s liberties.