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About SGP

This are the main policy priorities of the SGP:


Pro life

Life is worth our care and protection, from the beginning till the end. Therefore, the SGP wants to terminate the current laws on abortion and euthanasia. Suicide-assistance should remain punishable, even when people ask for it themselves. It is important to invest more in good palliative care, and in offering alternatives for abortion.


A family should be a safe, warm and loving place. A place where people care for and care about each other. The SGP wishes to protect and improve the position of families. It is not good when both parents are forced to the labour market out of financial necessity. They should be free to choose for work or raising their children. The worth and importance of healthy and stable families for our whole society is invaluable.


The state of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is under threat from all sides. At the same time, the international support for the Jewish people is declining. In the Middle East, the Islam most clearly shows its evil face, and Islamic countries like Iran constitute an existential threat to Israel. The SGP has Israel’s back, and defends the right of the Jewish people to live in peace and security.

For a responsible freedom

The SGP defends classical freedoms. Freedom of education is one of them. Christian schools need this in order to be able to sustain/preserve/uphold their Christian identity. Concretely, this requires the freedom to implement criteria for admission of teachers and pupils. Freedom of expression is also of great value. But if this freedom leads to blasphemy of deliberate hurting, With freedom comes responsibility and honouring diversity. SGP will continue to call for support of persecuted Christians abroad.

For each other

SGP stands firmly behind the vulnerable in our society. There should be a proper social safety net. At the same time, citizens should know their responsibilities and should look after fellow-human beings in problematic situations. Abuse of social services should be tackled harshly and effectively. Professional health care is not necessarily a matter of money, but of personal attention and care for those who need help. We need to revalue the importance of churches and private organizations in the field of healthcare.

For safety and security

The proper functioning of rule of law institutions such as police, the attorney general and defence, requires structural investment and stable and coherent policies. Random budget cuts may lead to the loss of knowledge, quality and materials.

For a sustainable environment

Rightful stewardship requires treating Gods creation with care. That is why, for example, the use of sustainable energy should be stimulated. Farmers and fishermen play an important role in nature conservation. They should be able to develop and adapt.

For a strong and healthy economy

After some far-reaching fiscal and economic interventions in the last year, the Dutch ‘housekeeping book’ is in balance again. Many interventions were painful but necessary. Keeping the financial crisis and political uncertainties in the present-day world in mind, a healthy fiscal policy is of paramount importance. We should learn from Joseph in Exodus: make sure you save in years of plenty, as a reserve for the years of need. Our government should be more efficient and focused on its core duties. Citizens and companies have more own responsibilities and space for entrepreneurship. Government should mainly invest in education, innovation, security, mobility and sustainability.

For Sunday rest

Free Sundays are a blessing and a gift of God that should be spend in ways that honour Him. Everyone needs a day to rest at the beginning of a new (working)week. Working on Sundays should be limited to what’s really necessary, and workers should never be obliged to work on Sundays.

For a Christian nation

The SGP stands for Biblically-inspired politics, and wishes to defend the Christian values and traditions in the Netherlands. A Christian life pleases the Lord and benefits our whole society and every human being in it. Our democracy and rule of law should be protected against forces that wish to undermine it, such as radical islamists.